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Ever wonder what all you get to do on a hot air balloon ride? Well...

Hot air balloon ride welcome

1: Welcome & Orientation

The adventure begins when we meet our guests shortly after sunrise when the mountain air is still calm and stable, the perfect conditions for ballooning!

You'll receive instructions at that time so you'll know what to expect during your morning.

Inflating a hot air balloon is fun!

2: Balloon Inflation

Ballooning is a "hands-on" participation sport, and we will enlist your energy in the set-up and inflation of the balloon.

You'll want to have your camera ready to capture the excitement as our beautiful, 120 foot tall giant rises from the ground!

Ascending into the sky

3: Ascending to the Sky

Get ready to climb aboard our basket for the flight of a lifetime, enjoying the enchanting sights and tranquility that can only be experienced from a hot air balloon.

As you gently ascend, the Earth seems to fall away below you revealing hidden canyons and valleys. Because a balloon moves at windspeed, you could hold a candle and the flame would not flicker!

Pagosa Springs landscape from the hot air balloon

4: Float Through the Air

Floating softly through the air, we may fly inches over the area lakes for a breathtaking "splash-n-dash," a little higher for some souvenir pine cones from the tops of trees or up to 3,000 feet for a 200 mile panoramic view of 4 states.

Listen to a history of Pagosa and ballooning while riding the peaceful breezes with the hawks, ospreys and the majestic bald eagles.

Deflating the hot air balloon

5: Balloon Deflation

The adventure is not over when we land, as we will have you assist us in the deflation and packing up of the balloon.

This process always draws comments of disbelief that something so enormous can be packed away so quickly and compactly.

The adventure ends

6: Closing Ceremony

You'll then experience the 200-year-old tradition of a champagne celebration carried over from the earliest days of ballooning in France!

Enjoy muffins while receiving your personalized flight certificate. (Juice also available)

Are you ready to come fly with us?