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Rocky Mountain Hot Air Balloon Adventures

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Up, Up and Away!

Steve, Fort Morgan, Colorado

"Our balloon ride was the highlight of my trip to Pagosa Springs.


Mike was a great pilot with knowledge of the area and information about ballooning. The crew filled us in on some of the things they have to know to fly the balloon... which is more difficult than it seems."

Soaring Over Pagosa Springs

Cindy and Michael, Rockwall, Texas

"Oh my goodness.....bucket list travels! What an experience! The take off was so gentle and easy... soon we were floating over Pagosa... SO quiet... the only sound was the whoosh of the burner and fan filling the balloon with hot air.


The views are spectacular! I just can't explain the beauty, the wonder, the awe. Never once did we feel insecure or fearful... we felt so safe in Mike's care. He's an awesome pilot! What a WONDERFUL experience - what a precious ride!


Nydia N.

"It was amazing! I am afraid of heights but the balloon was very still and it didn't even feel like I was 2000 feet in the air!


I got the best vacation photos ever!"

Whole Family Enjoyment

Tigger1201, Deer Park, New York

"My family was thrilled to have this adventure! Six of us went up in the hot air balloon and the views were spectacular!


I took lots of pictures of the gorgeous mountains and the surrounding area. It was an awesome time. One more item checked off of my bucket list!"

Morning Ride

Teresa M., Littlefield, Texas

"We had a wonderful time! Feeling like part of the team getting the balloon ready to go gave us a sense of ownership in our ride.


Once up in the air we were given historical facts from our gorgeous view of the mountains and valleys. Thank you for the experience!"

Take the Time to Experience This!

Mgj28, Blackfoot, Idaho

"The balloon ride was amazing! The crew was wonderful and the pilot was very informative. The views were spectacular from the balloon. Even though you're only in the sky for approximately 30 minutes, it's enough.


Plenty of time for great pictures and to learn about Pagosa Springs from the pilot. The whole process, start to finish, was about 3 hours and they concluded with a wine ceremony (or non-alcoholic option)."

Ready to Make Your Own Memories?

So Impressed With Attention to Detail

Shannon W., Jenks, OK

"This was the first thing we did in Pagosa and it was wonderful! I was so impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail and safety, all while being friendly and fun!


Mike knew what he was doing in the balloon, and we had the thrill of a near "splash and dash" skimming of the lake before soaring up again! We will absolutely do this again when we come back to Pagosa!!"

Our Favorite Thing in Pagosa

Allie S., Saint Louis, MO

"We had such an incredible time here! Definitely our favorite thing that we did in Pagosa Springs. Friendly staff and an amazing experience. Everyone should do it at least once, you won't regret it!"

Great Way to End a Vacation

Aimee W., Albuquerque, NM

"The pilot and crew were great! We took a balloon ride with them this morning and they knew how to make us feel comfortable and talked with us, they even had a champagne toast, it was a great way to end our vacation in Pagosa!!"

Outstanding Safety Record

Mike S., Socorro, NM

"Outstanding safety record and one on the most exciting adventures you will encounter in your life!!!"

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